Decoration Projects

The principal use of our fabrics is in the home

Our company has participated, in close collaboration with some of the most renowned national and international decor experts, in a wide range of projects in private homes, small hotels and restaurants.

All fabrics have been confectioned and created exclusively for each project, in joint collaboration with the designer, in order to maximize the added value of the complement; curtains and bed linen, even upholstery, combining different forms, designs and colours under the supervision of the interior designer coordinating each project. Whether a country house, a city apartment or a beach house, it doesn’t matter – today anything goes! Although the all time favourites are still the rustic look using natural fabrics made of linen and cotton and, of course, the classic or more avant garde style using silk and linen in brighter colours.


♦ Hotel Can Cera, a palatial building with a rich history, located in the old quarter of Palma, with exquisite interiors, grand halls and high ceilings, natural linen upholstery in combination solid and striped colors on canopy beds. Decorated by Cecilia Conde.

♦ Michael Smith, the Californian interior designer currently in vogue in the United States, designed the interiors of the Café Cappuccino in Palma de Mallorca, using beautiful hand-painted murals together with hangings in solid color cotton and linen, and sofas upholstered in our fabric-of-flames…


♦Hotel La Residencia, located in the small village of Deia, an idyllic natural setting encircled by verdant mountains and chosen as a place of relaxation by numerous writers and artists, with stately homes surrounded by beautiful gardens and olive groves. The interior decor is an elegant style typical of Majorca, with antique furniture and canopy beds, drapes in natural crude cotton, and 100% linen table furnishings in the dining areas.

♦ Hotel Balanguera, a cozy urban hotel located in the city center close to museums, historic sites and Palma shopping districts, designed and decorated by Antonia Maria Horrach in a very Mediterranean yet innovative style, marvelously simple and radiant. The patterns and colors of the textiles used were developed exclusively for the project, with Majorcan Fabric-of-flames, stripes and heavy linen fabrics used for walls, ceilings and cushions…


♦ An historic building converted into a private residence, with the interior design and decoration conceived by the renowned american decorator Craig Wright in an impeccable traditional style, meshing artisan and antique items from Majorca. He selected silk and linen fabrics for the upholstery and drapes, as well as an exclusive Fabric-of-flames motif for the sofas in the main hall.

♦ Cap Rocat, an old military fortress situated in the most exclusive area of the bay of Palma and now converted into a luxury hotel blended into its surroundings, was restored and redecorated by Antonio Obrador, while respecting all of its rich heritage and natural environs. The project employed our fabrics in blue and ochre tones, as well as solid and striped fabrics in a variety of colors for curtains, upholstery, bed clothing, etc.