The Linen. A blue flower, a fabric.

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linoLinen, an extraordinarily resistant, soft natural fibre obtained from the stalk of the “Linum usitatissimum” is an extremely popular fabric due to its resistance to wash and wear.

This highly appreciated fibre, either in a crude natural colour, whitened or dyed in any colour the customer requires is one of the base materials of our collecction of fine, highly resistant, top quality fabrics used in the confection of a wide selection of complements including tablecloths, serviettes, bedspreads, cushions, upholstery and even curtains.

All you have to do is follow a few simple care guidelines and they will last a lifetime!

The reputation of linen as a quality fabric dates back as far as the Egyptians. Today, generation after generation appreciate it for its beautiful texture and softness and its aptness for almost any type of home complement.

Of course linen is also highly used in the world of fashion; soft and fresh to the skin this totally natural, ecological fabric is a particular favourite with designers.IMG_20201124_100352

Here on the island, linen is commonly used in hand-made embroidery panels and as bordering material; complements with an infinity of forms and colours which add a colourful, personal touch to any home. We have been working with these materials for over 50 years, offering a personalized confection service for customers in a wide range of decorative home complements: curtains, table linen, bedspreads, cushions, etc. lino

The embroidery tradition, or “punto mallorquín” as it is known locally, is a highly appreciated art and is extremely characteristic of the island, the most typical features being machine or hand embroidered floral motifs accompanied by the familty initials in a wide range of colours. The “draps”, or linen fabrics embroidered by hand in “punto mallorquín”, have traditionally formed a part of the islanders’ trusseau for many years and have been lovingly passed down from generation to generation in the form of sheets, bedspreads or table linen.