This gorgeous natural fibre is obtained from the cocoons of the “Bombyx Mori” silkworm and is formed by a very long filament which protects and encases the silkworm during metamorphosis. The cocoons are processed to obtain this unique fibre which in turn is used to confection fabrics of a particularly lustrous, brilliant texture.

It is said that the first silk fabrics were created in ancient China to confection robes for their emperors. In spite of their efforts to keep the cultivation process and elaboration a secret, its expansion and popularity in other areas of Asia was inevitable and was consequently imported by merchants to Europe and North Africa via the famous “silk route”. The Italian and French silk merchants, pioneers in the improvement of the elaboration techniques, were among perhaps the most renowned in their day however Spain, and in particular the area of the Mediterranean, also rapidly gained importance in a short space of time.


Today the use of silk in the production of decorative fabrics is relatively rare and exclusive to certain types of interiorism. Our collection of fabrics made from a combination of silk with linen or rayon, either plain or striped, or even using the “Telas de Lenguas” fibre and made to order, offer a wide range of possibilities, particularly for curtain and upholstery projects.